Creating More Pathways to the Middle Class

Creating More Pathways to the Middle Class

We need to create more pathways to the middle class. We can start with reforms to our education system.

The cost of a college education is increasing today, but a college degree doesn’t guarantee the kind of economic success it once did. Still, a college degree is important to economic mobility and to keeping families in the middle class. Research from the Pew Project on Economic Mobility shows that children born to middle class families significantly risk falling out of the middle class if they don’t earn a college degree.

Education reform must address these changing realities by preparing people with and without college degrees for success in the work force. Vocational education and collaborative efforts between business leaders, communities, and educators can ensure that more people have more avenues to dignified work and the stability it brings.

Today, too many high school graduates are faced with a stark choice: go to college and find some way to pay for its rising costs; or, find a service-sector job making barely enough to survive on. We can and must do better.

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